For over 40 years, we have been providing quality to instruments to families, churches, schools and businesses throughout Ohio.  We take pride in offering individual attention from a staff of employees who are passionate about music. Everyone here is a piano teacher, tuner, or mechanic. You may see the same person in your home tuning your piano who also helped you select it in the store.  Our staff is not on commission, so that our customers can be sure that they will be matched with the best instrument for their individual needs.

Mahlon Ray – Owner

Mahlon entered this industry August 6, 1971 in marketing.  Completing a two-year apprentice program with a local piano dealer, he became general manager of Eastland Keyboard Center.  Where he performed sales, tunings, repairs and deliveries.  Following a two-year stint at Graves Piano and Organ, Mahlon opened a joint venture in Lancaster, Ohio.  Shortly afterwards, he opened Columbus Piano Leasing in Worthington, Ohio.  He continues to work in the shop nearly every day.  When he’s not in the shop, Mahlon spends much of his time travelling with his wife, children and grand-children.

Allene Schwartz – Assistant


Allene (Alle) was first in the piano world as prodigal player at the age of 3.  As a teenager, she spent many hours in the back of the local piano store, asking questions and helping out the technicians.  After opening The Schwartz School of Music in 2008, Alle joined up with Mahlon as his apprentice and now “Right-hand woman”.  She still operates The Schwartz School of Music and serves as the primary technician and tuner of Columbus Piano Leasing.

Doug Johnson – Tuner/Cabinet Repair Specialist

Doug and Mahlon have worked together for many years rebuilding and refurbishing pianos.  Doug continues to work with Columbus Piano Leasing as a tuner, as well as a cabinet repair consultant.


Rick Miller – Tuner/Technician

Aside from his own private tuning practice, Miller Piano Service, Rick serves as a tuner and technician for Columbus Piano Leasing.