Oh, There’s no place like home for the holidays….

red christmas.jpg

As the holidays draw ever near, I like to remember my own experiences as a kid.  We’d all show up to grandma’s, have a nice meal, open a lot of presents, the norm.

family dinner.jpg

It was great – really great.


At some point in the evening, my Aunt Jan would sit down at the Wurlitzer console piano in the formal living room and break out her endless supply of Christmas Carols.  We would all sing along, in harmony, badly and loudly.  I know, too good to be true, but this was an actual thing for us.  Every year I looked forward to it.


My grandparents never sang, they just watched and listened, and enjoyed.  Sometimes, you’d catch Grandpa having a few tears in his eyes.  Something really wonderful.

Looking back, I have to wonder what it might have been like if the piano hadn’t been there.  Would it have been as magical?  Would we have sang at all?  It’s hard for me to imagine.


Now that I’m grown, with a fully fledged family of my own, I still sit at the piano every Christmas and sing and play the carols that I’ve known my whole life.  Sometimes with my kids beside me – unbelivably not in horror, but singing along.


Every year, I hold a formal recital for my students and their families, in the hopes that I can help make lasting memories of this special time of year for all of them.  And knowing that they are making very special memories for me.


The holidays are even more special when we can all come together and sing.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I hope that you break out the carols and give it a try this year.  If that’s not your thing, go down to the church and take part in the Cantata.

tears of joy.jpg

It’s ok to let the music of this season move you.  It’s even ok for Grandpas and Grandmas to have tears when there something beautiful happening.


Let’s keep a little magic alive.


I hope you enjoy the very best the season has to offer.

Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays to You and Yours,



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