A Piano for a day?


The shop here, Columbus Piano Leasing, is one of the few that offers pianos for rent for one day.  We call them one day rentals.


Now, how does that work?


Well, it’s easy on some points and kind of hard on others.  Sometimes, I think we might actually charge too little for the service.  In comparison to other dealers that offer short-term rentals of pianos, we definitely beat them in price.


As far as what goes into it for us…


First, we select a piano.  Sometimes this is not as easy as you might think.  We have to consider the customer’s request, the finish of the piano (black and shiny, wood, etc…)  If the piano is new or used, is it ready (cleaned, regulated and tuned), is it available at that time?  Finally, will it be moved by the customer or the venue once it’s delivered?  If so, we must select a piano that’s easy to move with little chance of damage.


Next, we have to arrange for delivery.  Often this means we not only have to get it on our mover’s schedule, but the venue’s as well.  Sometimes the venue has close restrictions on delivery and pick-up, which makes our job a bit more difficult.


Finally, we have to schedule a tuner to come out and tune the piano on-site (this only applies to grand pianos, otherwise we do it just prior to delivery).  To make sure that the piano sounds as good as possible for our customers.

Tune Up Shop.

When the piano comes back, we do an inspection and thorough cleaning just as we do when they come in from a year-long lease.  This process can take anywhere from an hour to three, if the piano needs tuned again.


What do we charge for all this work?  Not nearly enough for all that work – say a couple hundred bucks for a grand piano, on down to only 50 or 60 for a studio piano.  Plus delivery costs.  That’s all we get for all the work we put in.


Sometimes, it just seems like it isn’t worth it to us.  However, we know it’s worth it to the bride who walked down the aisle to beautiful music, the jazz musician who’s in from out of town, and your Aunt Ethel who just loves her Christmas carols.


Whether or not the monetary value is there, whether it seems like enough or not,  whether it’s a lot of work or a little…we’ve been proud to be providing this service to families and musicians in the Columbus Metropolitan area for over 40 years.  We plan to continue to do so for many more.

Thanks for reading & Happy Playing!



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